Tuesday, September 18, 2012


THE OUTSIDERS.............  9/19/12 

Reading a novel can sometimes be intimidating.  Just the thought of reading a "novel" can deter many of us from even starting a book.  The number of pages can inhibit many of us from tackling our first novel as well.  Place all of your anxiety aside and gear up for the exciting "Coming of Age" novel titled, The Outsiders, by H.E. Hinton.  

As we delve into the world of stereotyping, cliques, and gangs, through the eyes of S.E. Hinton and the "Socs" and the "Greasers," ponder the essential question, -How can we combat student and social inequalities at Lincoln Junior High?

...... Let me back up.....  Do we have student and social inequalities at Lincoln Junior High? 


  1. Lily and Jonas
    Once upon a time there was a boy name Jonas he wants to go see this girl Lily but she lives far away. He would have to ride a plane but he doesn’t like planes and he can only ride in December because thats the only time he can get a flight.

    Jonas was beckoning his mom because he didn’t want to go in December. His mom kept on wheedle about him making a big deal about it. She got mad and walk into the kitchen. Jonas leaves Friday for his flight to Lily. Friday came and Jonas distraught the whole plane ride. When Jonas finally got the other airport he saw Lily and ran to her and gave her a warming hug. When he saw her Dad he ironic look on his. Lily wanted to show him the park. When they got there was a kid Brock this big bully and he was raking everything. The cops pulled up and saw that Lily and Jonas was just sitting there watching Brock was jeering when the cop was trying to get him in the car. at the courthouse and he gots clean up his mess in the park and pay for everything that he broke and a week of house arrest. Jonas finally had to go to the airport on Tuesday and said goodbye to Lilly and had to get on his plane back home and thats the last time he saw Lily because had moved to New York City.

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