Monday, October 1, 2012

Watch this video before responding to the Blog

 The concept of Digital and Web Literacy is new to most of my generation and generations before me.  In fact, my mom, who just turned 78, bought her first computer just four years ago.  Mom has yet to create her own website or write an award-winning weekly blog, but she has taught herself to e-mail, create folders, scan, print, conduct web searches, and use the word processor, which is amazing.  

I'm a digital immigrant as well.  I laugh when I remember that my big senior gift before going into college was an electric typewriter; I was the envy of all my friends.  My only educational preparation for the literacy world I live in today, was a Fortran Computer Programming class I took my senior year in college.  I knew nothing about computers; but I did learn how to program one! I haven't programmed a computer since then........

Today, I'm a member of a tech-enabled world, which allows me to participate in and critique a vast array of information on a minute-to-minute basis.  My real challenge is to prepare my students for the rapidly changing world they live in.  What should Digital Literacy look like in the classroom today?  

*  Students need to UNDERSTAND technology and how it operates- the BIG picture

*  Students need to CREATE using new technologies- the ability to voice through creative technology venues

*  Students need to CRITIQUE incoming information - analyze and synthesize from a multitude of perspectives

As you think about your future and look at the changing world around you, what role do you see Digital Literacy playing in your life?  In your career? Are you prepared?  What changes in Digital Literacy do you see in your future?