Thursday, January 10, 2013

....ePortfolios and social networking class journey....

As we delve into a new world of technology in the 21st century, it's imperative that all students develop the digital communication skills needed to become well-educated global and digital citizens.  Social Networking is an intricate piece of the Global puzzle.

This week, students constructed Electronic Portfolios using the Google platform, Blogger.  Students were introduced to HTML, embedding, and gadgets.....and I am not even a computer teacher.   I discovered most students had very little knowledge at all regarding these tech skills.   It's been an exciting journey thus far.  Students are engaged!!  The rumbling through the classroom about the number of views they've already received on their individual sites has been electrifying.

Next week, we will cavern into the abyss of social networking sites, which include our classroom Twitter account and our class Facebook page.  Both of these pages will provide  opportunities for sharing, learning, analyzing, questioning, and inquiring about the world both digitally and globally.  

Our class Facebook page:  Neidlinger La
- will be used as a communication vehicle between teacher, students, and parents.   

Our class Twitter Account:  @Neidlingerla7
- will use the following hash-tag for all tweets-  #STORMLA7
- will be used to expand our classroom globally through Skype and other collaborative efforts.

Our class Website & Blog:    
- Please visit this site regularly, as students are blogging, creating, sharing, and learning. 

Join Us!!!

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