Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Freedom Again

Our last three challenges have been fairly serious – adding images to your blog posts, how to get comments and visitors to your blog, and looking at your digital footprint. 

This week your sole activity is to make sure you are ready for a game we will be playing next week – in fact, there will be two games happening. 

To play either game you will need the following:   -  (Make sure everything is up-to-date).

*  a user avatar if possible 
*  an ‘about me’ PAGE 
*  a clustrmap or flag counter widget 
*  at least four interesting posts – from the challenge or topics of your choice ( we already    have completed six, so everyone should be good to go)
*  your ‘Recent Comments’ widget on the sidebar
*  your ‘Pages’ widget on the sidebar or pages in the header 
*  at least 10 student and/or class blog links on your blogroll - our class link is one- you will need to link at least nine student links as well.  Our student links can be found under our 'Student Blogs' tab at the top of our class site.  Title the link as "Student & Class Blogs."
*  at least three overseas blog links on your blogroll - You will need to find at least three students and/or classes from overseas that you have been corresponding with and link their blogs to your site.  You will title the Link Section as "Student & Class Overseas Blogs."
*  the more students or classes you have linked on your blog, the more fun the game will be 
*  the most important of these are the links to other student blogs on your sidebar. 

**You might title these special link titles as:

*  Links- Friend Blogs
*  Links- Class Blogs 
*  Links- Overseas Blogs

 Having lots of links to student blogs from other countries will help spread the game.  Have you written lots of interesting posts for your visitors to read next week?  Let the games begin!!!


Thank you for visiting my website!