Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Halloween Web Hunt
  Discover the history of Halloween traditions and learn about mummy burials, vampire bats, and other frightful facts.

What gets buried along with a mummy? What do vampire bats eat for dinner? And whose brain is behind Frankenstein? Search for these and other frightful facts and discover the history of Halloween traditions in this web hunt.

*  Read the following facts and click on the link provided.  
*  Begin a new BLOG POST - titled- "History of Halloween Traditions."
*  Answer the questions in each category in the blog post.  You will want to include the basic question as your topic sentence for each question.
*  You may write more about a particular topic other than just the question(s) asked.
*  You may research more about a particular topic or another Halloween tradition that you would like to learn more about and add to your blog
*  Add pictures to your post (

1. Mummies


The ancient Egyptians developed a method of preserving bodies so they would remain lifelike even after death. Today we call this process mummification.
Visit the British Museum and x-ray a mummy. 

*  Write about two items you find.


2. Vampire Bats


There are more than 1,000 kinds of bats. How many of those are vampire bats, the kind that drink blood? Make a guess, then find the answer in our Bat Library.

*  What kind of blood do these bats usually dine on?
*  What's another bat fact that surprised you?


3. The Frankenstein Monster  

Long before this monster landed a starring role on the movie screen, he originally came to life through another art form. Read about it at the National Library of Medicine.

*  Was Frankenstein originally brought to life in a painting, a book, or a play?

*  Who is the original creator of the Frankenstein monster and how old was she when she introduced this classic monster to the world?

4. Halloween History

Bonfires, treats to eat, and dressing up in costumes all play a major part in the history of Halloween. To find the original thinking behind these traditions, read the first section of this Halloween article.

*  What is a Halloween tradition in your family?
*  Why do people dress up for Halloween?- you might have to do further exploring for this one!


*  I know you can believe in yourself!

*  Just keep practicing!

*  You will get the hang of it- I know it!


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