Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twitter- Empowering Student Voices

Twitter- Empowering Student Voices

This week our nation’s schools will be celebrating Digital Learning Day on Wednesday, February 5. We’re all encouraged to “Take the Pledge” to support the effective and innovative utilization of technology in our classrooms and schools. As awareness heightens this month, my hope is that by opening our classroom doors to the digital world, our passion for teaching and learning will benefit and impact the lives of our students. Schools should reflect the social world we live in today.

The timeless skill of effective communication is the anchor, which will enable students to successfully find and share their voice with the world through the power of words. As we celebrate Digital Learning Month in February, we must embrace the power of digital media and the impact it has upon our daily lives. Are you utilizing the incredible power of social-media in your classroom?

In a world of instant communication, our students have the opportunity to engage and share with a global audience on a daily basis. Teaching students how to be effective collaborators, interact globally, and build powerful networks, is both the social and academic benefit to Twitter in education. As society and technology changes, so does literacy. Can social media positively impact 21st century literacy-learning? Utilizing Twitter in the classroom is more than assigning students a Twitter username, it’s developing and modeling the essential communication skill- writing effectively. If we want our students to blog, connect, and communicate, we must model this skill daily and ‘walk the walk.’

Twitter is the most popular platform for microblogging, which combines blogging, text messaging, and social networking. Social Media defines how we engage with each other. It’s no wonder that people deny it’s power and educators struggle with districts where social media is blocked. Many argue that social media is nothing but a high tech distraction. Educators needs to model and demonstrate social media as a tool for effective collaboration, communication, and empowerment.

Inside the classroom- Can students really learn from a “Tweet?”

What could that look like? .................

Read my post about how to incorporate Twitter effectively into your classroom at - Indiana Digital Learning Month 28 Day Web 2.0 Challenge

If we want our students to blog, connect, and communicate, we must model the skill of effective communication, which will enable our students to successfully find and share their voice with the world.

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